Letter to Emotions

Corina Pinder
Feb 10, 2021
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

You could stay for a minute this time,

I won’t send you away.

I’ll give you the chance you’ve been begging for,

You can say what you need to say.

Why is it that you make me feel so uncomfortably?

Been avoiding you for a while ‘cause

I’m not sure you’re good company.

I surrender though,

“Cause even when I think I’ve lost you,

You show me that you’re always near.

So I’ll make myself ready

to listen

to what I might be afraid to hear.
Stay for a little,

Lay beside me,

Hold me all night long,

Tell me being together is right even though it feels wrong.

And when we’re done, I’ll thank you and you’ll be on your way,

So long until next time.